Environment Friendly Auto Wreckers Vancouver

Environment Friendly Auto Wreckers Vancouver

Auto Wrecking is not an ordinary job. It needs to be done with proper guidelines. Keeping in mind the public health and to make a balance of the nature, it is very important to play safe while wrecking a scrap car in Vancouver. The reason why most of the auto wreckers Vancouver could not get a license is because of the hazardous process they follow to wreck and dismantle vehicles. Here is what makes a car junk yard eco-friendly.

  • Zero tolerance for hazardous fluid: while wrecking vehicles, there are chances of fluid leakage that needs to be stopped at any cost. Eco-friendly wreckers would never compromise with harmful fluids.
  • Recycling parts: There are numerous auto parts in a vehicle that can be recycled safely. One who is caring and smart would pick the parts which are still usable and recycle them.
  • Decomposition:  An environment friendly wrecker will not only decompose the useless part of the car but also will take additional care where to decompose it. It can be used to do landfill with non-usable parts of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle crushing: Once the hazardous fluids are removed from the vehicle, it is time to crush the body. The crushing help in separating the steel from the shredded pieces.
  • Genuine evaluation: As a reliable Auto Wrecker Maple Ridge we, A to Z Auto Removal will evaluate the remaining parts of the vehicle and pay good cash the car owner. Parts like transmissions, motors, bumpers are further sold at affordable prices.

We at A to Z Auto Removal Canada take care of all the above points and never compromise with the safety of the public health. We are responsible car wrecker and do genuine evaluation of your old, scrap or unwanted car.

If you are having an unwanted, damaged or scrap car and want to get rid of it, do let us know,, we will not take more than an hour to reach you. Once we get your car we, will do a quick inspection and through an instant cash offer. Upon agreeing, we will give you the cash and will tow it away.

What are you waiting for? Call us now and let us help you get cash for your scrap car.