Decent cash, superfast removal of cars in Vancouver

Decent cash, superfast removal of cars in Vancouver

We are a Vancouver based auto wrecker that pays for your wrecked cars and remove them for free! We have the finest technicians and experts to get your work done. Our employees are friendly and efficient at work. We can proudly say 92% of our clients recommend us to their community to get their wrecks cars removed and all these are possible only because we are dedicated and know how to do our job best!

We provide a complete solution to all your problems including standard procedures. Ensuring highest customer satisfaction is our motto.Most importantly we don’t ask questions! Be it an unregistered car or a part of it is missing or some parts have been replaced; we don’t ask questions and buy everything. The best thing about us is we are available 24*7 at your service.


People prefer us over other agencies for a lot of reasons!

Some of them are as follows:

  1. We pay the highest price: for your old, unwanted, scrap car. We pay for everything; be it a car, truck, Bus, Van, 4Wd, Ute. Cash For Car Vancouver BC, pay as high as $9999 for your old and useless car.
  2. We are the top AUTO WRECKERS VANCOUVER: that removes your car on the same day. You make a call and leave everything to us; our team will inspect your vehicle and remove your car at the earliest.
  3. The additional service: We don’t charge for towing and removal. It’s completely free.
  4. We deal with your papers! We won’t let you worry any more about your burden. We will deal with your paper works completely for free. 
  5. We are green! We take environmental norms very seriously. We feel we all have certain duties towards our mother earth and therefore we dispose of the wrecks in the safest and most eco-friendly way possible. We won’t let your car harm our nature.
  6. We consider our clients as our family. We don’t create an unnecessary hassle for our clients. Our team works in the quietest way possible without even bothering you.

Still, worrying? Call us and get your doubts cleared with us. Fill the online form and get added benefits! Give us your worry and take our money in exchange for your unwanted, useless car! Get the best price and best service in the city from the most popular auto wreckers.